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281 & 1604
17811 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, Texas 78232 | Sales: (210) 490-2000 | Service: (210) 490-2000

Auto body repair in San Antonio, TX

Cavender Buick GMC North is proud to host the Cavender Collision Center. One of the most stressful things a vehicle owner can go through is the set of obstacles placed in front of them by some car insurance companies. The most important thing to us at the Cavender Collision Center is that everyone is ok. As much as we love repairing cars, trucks and SUVs, those are just things and it’s the flesh and blood people that are the most important. When the time comes for you to find auto body repair in San Antonio, TX, place your trust in the Cavender Collision Center; we have one of the most modern shops in the area and offer nearly every conceivable service necessary to getting your vehicle back to the safe condition you demand.

The Cavender Collision Center is more than ready to fix the damage that can happen during an accident or just accumulate over time as you go down the road. If you need to file an insurance claim, remember your insurance company cannot tell you where to go for service. Section 1952.301 of the Texas Insurance Code says that an “insurer may not directly or indirectly limit the insurer’s coverage under a policy covering damage to a motor vehicle by: 1. Specifying the brand, type, kind, age, vendor, supplier, or condition of parts or products that may be used to repair the vehicle; 2. Limiting the beneficiary of the policy from selecting a repair person or facility to repair damage to the vehicle.”

Need Collision Repair or Body Work?

Simply stated, no insurance company that is authorized to operate in the State of Texas can tell you that you must use of their preferred auto body repair centers to get your repairs. Also they cannot require you to visit one of their claim centers for an inspection. Be sure to talk with your regular insurance agent for any particular language in your auto insurance policy.

While the Cavender Collision Center may be hosted at one of our Buick GMC dealerships, we are more than ready and qualified to perform auto body repair work in San Antonio, TX on any make or model of vehicle you may be driving. We are ready with a whole host of services that will get your car looking just as good as the day you took it home. The Cavender Collision Center is located at 17811 San Pedro Avenue, San Antonio, TX, 78232. If you have any questions about any of the services provided or you need information about how to get an estimate, please call (210) 490-2000.

  • Cavender Collision Center
  • 17811 San Pedro Avenue
  • San Antonio TX 78232
  • (210) 490-2000

About Us

Cavender Buick GMC North. The Cavender Family has been selling and servicing automobiles and trucks in San Antonio and South Texas for over 65 years. James M. Cavender Jr. started Cavender Oldsmobile in 1939. Over the next 30 years, Cavender Oldsmobile would become one of the top Olds dealerships in the country based on sales and customer satisfaction. With the help of his twin sons, Jimmy and Billy, James Cavender would acquire a Cadillac dealership in 1979 and a Toyota dealership in 1985. By the mid 1980’s the third generation of Cavender boys would enter the automobile business. Today the Cavender name is associated with 9 separate dealership facilities selling Audi, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Land Rover, Scion, and Toyota brands. The slogan “Where the name Cavender on the door, there is a Cavender on the floor.” certainly applies today. Each Cavender acts as not only the dealer, but general manager, and is always available to meet with customers and employees. When you buy from a Cavender dealership you are treated like family.