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Now is a great time to maximize your vehicle’s MPG. Cavender Buick GMC North has gathered up our top 5 tips for higher fuel efficiency.

NO. 1
Keep your vehicles service schedule up to date. Do not delay that repair as a vehicle in great condition will run better with higher MPG! Cavender Buick GMC North has a fantastic service department serving all of SAN ANTONIO and is ready for your vehicle today!

NO. 2
Trade in your old vehicle for a more fuel efficient model! Now is a great time to get a high trade in value, and reduce your fuel expense with one of our newer more efficient models!

Check your tire pressures once a month. You can do that with your own tire pressure gauge, at a gas station or swing by our service department and we can check them out too! Tires that are underinflated will lower your MPG

NO. 4
Lower rapid acceleration as much as you can. Rapid acceleration is known to reduce fuel efficiency significantly, maybe by 2-3MPG. Speeds above 55MPH are also significantly less fuel efficient

Find gas with the best price and follow most efficient routes. There are several apps for cheapest gas as well as, mapping systems that will direct you on the most efficient route

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