Military Discounts on Buick & GMC Vehicles in Texas: Honoring Our Service Members

October 25th, 2023 by

At Cavender Buick-GMC North, we recognize the invaluable sacrifices made by the brave men and women in the United States armed forces.

To honor their commitment and dedication to protecting our nation, we proudly offer military discounts on Buick and GMC vehicles for eligible service members in Texas. Our goal is to provide support and assistance to those who have served, ensuring they can access high-quality, reliable, and affordable vehicles that meet their unique needs.

In this blog article, we will discuss the military discounts available for Buick and GMC vehicles, the eligibility requirements, and the additional benefits and incentives offered to our service members. By providing clear and concise information about these offers, we are committed to helping our military personnel find the perfect vehicle that suits their preferences and fits their budget.

Join us as we delve deeper into the available military discounts on Buick and GMC vehicles in Texas, showcasing our gratitude to the courageous service members who have dedicated their lives to protecting our nation. At Cavender Buick-GMC North, we aim to not only provide a diverse range of vehicles, from family-friendly SUVs to efficient work vehicles but also demonstrate our dedication to honoring the men and women who serve our country.

Eligibility Requirements: Who Can Take Advantage of Military Discounts?

To ensure that deserving military personnel can access these discounts, there are specific eligibility requirements. Here’s an overview of who can benefit from these offers:

  1. Active Duty members: Active service members of the United States Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, National Guard, and Coast Guard are eligible for these discounts.
  2. Reserve members: Members serving in the Reserves for the mentioned branches are also eligible.
  3. Veterans: Veterans within three years of their discharge date can take advantage of the military discount program.
  4. Retirees: Military retirees, including those in the Reserves and National Guard, are eligible for these offers.
  5. Military spouses: Spouses of active service members, veterans, National Guard, Reserve, and retirees are also eligible to receive the military discount.

Discount and Incentives: Savings and Offers for Military Personnel

The military discounts available on Buick and GMC vehicles provide an array of savings and offers designed to make the car-buying experience more accessible and rewarding for service members and their families. These include:

  1. Exclusive savings: Eligible military personnel can receive substantial discounts on the purchase or lease of new Buick and GMC vehicles, resulting in a lower overall cost.
  2. Stackable offers: The military discount can often be combined with other available offers and incentives, such as cash allowances and financing specials, leading to even greater savings.
  3. Special promotions: We offer various military appreciation events and promotions, including free oil changes for life, providing eligible service members with added benefits and discounts on select vehicles and services. 
  4. Customization: Military personnel can also use the military discount towards select accessories, allowing them to personalize their new vehicle further.

Choosing the Right Vehicle: Finding the Perfect Match

With a diverse range of Buick and GMC vehicles to choose from, military personnel can find the perfect match to suit their needs and preferences:

  1. Family-friendly vehicles: Buick and GMC offer a variety of family-friendly vehicles, such as the Buick Enclave or GMC Acadia, providing ample space, safety features, and comfort for the entire family.
  2. Work vehicles: For those seeking a reliable work vehicle, options like the GMC Sierra or Canyon provide the durability and performance needed to handle demanding tasks with ease.
  3. Fuel efficiency: Models such as the Buick Encore and GMC Terrain offer impressive fuel efficiency for those looking to save on fuel costs.
  4. Luxury & comfort: Buick and GMC vehicles are known for their luxury, comfort, and advanced technology features, allowing military personnel to enjoy a premium driving experience.

Trust Cavender Buick-GMC North to Honor and Support Our Heroes

The military discounts offered on Buick and GMC vehicles in Texas provide a valuable opportunity for service members and their families to access affordable, reliable, and high-quality vehicles. By understanding the eligibility requirements, discounts, incentives, and vehicle options available, you can confidently make an informed decision that honors your service and rewards you with a capable and comfortable vehicle.

At Cavender Buick-GMC North, we are dedicated to honoring our military heroes and ensuring they receive the support and assistance they deserve. Our professional sales team is well-versed in the military discount program and is committed to guiding you through the car-buying process with respect and care.

Visit our Cavender auto group dealership today to explore our extensive inventory of Buick and GMC vehicles, and let us help you secure a vehicle that meets your needs, preferences, and budget, all while expressing our deepest gratitude for your service!


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